Let us take the nightmare out of making your dream kitchen a reality.


Our story

Living Installations is based in North West Kent, serving all of our local areas, and was founded and is run by Freddy Rhodes, who has 20+ years industry experience. Starting out installing for many of the major manufacturers, and seeing the pain that dealing with these huge faceless companies brought the customers who trusted them with delivering their dream kitchen, he knew that something had to change. Focusing on providing exceptional service levels and peace of mind for the customer, before, during and after the installation became the goal – we believe we are achieving this daily, and would love for you to experience the difference having that personal touch back again can provide, in what will arguably be one of the most important purchases in your home.

Our journey

Beginning in carpentry and kitchen installation at age 16, I’ve always had an eye for detail, and wanted to push every job to as near to perfection as I could manage to get it. It becomes personal for me, as I know what I’m putting into a customer’s home will be looked at, used and hopefully loved for many years after I’ve packed up my tools and left you.

Supporting you

I understand where you’re at. I get it – I have stared countless customers in the eyes when they are contemplating the potential of having their lives turned upside down for 2 weeks or more, and I do not take that lightly. Your goal is to achieve your dream kitchen, that will be functional and beautiful, for many years to come. And my goal is to make that process as simple and pain-free for you as possible, with maximum peace of mind.

Your Journey

Follow our simple process ensure a stress free and successful completion of your new kitchen project.

Our Values & Mission

Values & Mission

Quite simply, your kitchen means as much to us as it does to you.

Our mission is to make sure that the process of renovating the most functioning room in your home is no longer a lottery. We aim to restore confidence that what you invest in, will not only be a beautiful kitchen that you will fall in love with using everyday, but actually enjoy the process of having us create it for you.

I love what kitchens are – somewhere your children and/or you will eat breakfast, prepare your meals, talk over a hard day with a cuppa – they literally are the heart of the home. If you are deciding on making this important purchase, it should be done with those things in mind, and not the ‘what if’s’ and looming horror stories you hear from some of the customers of big companies out there.

We value the opportunity to be that change in the marketplace, and can’t wait for you to experience the difference working with us will make for you.

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